Busy B's Spinone

   M Litter started coming at 5:30 am July 1st 2012

Looks like the last one at 10:04 PM Long day!! Every thing seems to be great!!

1. white boy 5:30am  7/28/12   4lb 12oz

2. white girl 6am 7/28/12    4lb 8oz

3. brown girl 6:15am 7/28/12  5lb 3oz


4. Brown girl 7:56am   7/28/12  4lb 4oz

5. brown girl 8:19am  7/28/12  3lb 1 oz

6. brown girl 12:05 pm  7/28/12  4lb 7oz

7. brown girl 2:05pm still born

8. brown boy 2:29pm  7/28/12  4lb 5 oz

9. brown boy 3:50pm 7/28/12  5 lb

10. brown girl 4:31pm 7/28/12  3lb 4oz

11. brown girl 10:04pm  7/28/12 4 lb 12oz

  All 10 doing great! Momma is such a trooper!! They are eating solid food 3 times a day. 


   More Photos coming!!






nothing better than mother baby bonding


           July 7th 6 days old


Hi, Moms and Dads we were suppose to be on here Saturday but we did not have internet. We all got weighed today and Granny and Pap say we are doing great.  We sure hope so. We want to grow right so we can come stay with our new families! They say if every thing goes right we can leave here around the end of August-- 1st of Sept. We can't wait! By the way they also say if you don't have our new homes in order we won't be able to leave then. We are starting to roan out except for our white brother and sister; boy are they white!  Well we have to go now. See'ya next time. Be sure to call!!

 DAY 14 JULY 17 2012





We have not seen alot of Pap Pap.  Some lame excuse about helping his brother with an addition!! He says he is done for a while; we'll see!  On to the important stuff.  We are all healthy but some of the larger brothers and sisters push the smaller ones around so they get to nurse all by themselves more often! Granny and Pap Pap are not concerned says they will catch up when we start eating solid food (what ever that is). We can see now but every thing seems to be fuzzy. You can call and talk to Granny and Pap Pap but not us we can't hear anything yet.  We can see each others mouth open, we think that is called barking and howling. Mum is doing great and boy does that milk taste great!! Well Randi and Diane are here visiting and Pap Pap and them are going for a hike so we have to go.  Something about not being allowed on the computer without adult supervision ( as if he is that)!!


Hey Moms and Dads we got to smell and mouth a feathered thing we think it is called a "Quail" !!  Man does that thing smell great we are hoping we get to do more of that when we get to go and live with you!


 love the M's


1. Wh M


2. Wh F 


3.  Br F


4. Br F


5.  Br  F


6.  Br  F


8 Br M


9 Br  M


10.  Br  F


11. Br F